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La Aurora
The begining of the path

La Aurora is an argentine field that is a benchmark for agroecology in the world. A successful experience that shows that producing without agrotoxics on large scale is possible and profitable. A beacon for farmers who want to escape from agribusiness but don't know how. A haven for nature. Its farmer is Juan Khier.

Six hundred and fifty "rebel" hectares, in a region dominated by transgenics and agrochemicals. In Benito Juarez, Buenos Aires province, Juan has been raising cattle, wheat and pasture, without poison, for more than 30 years. How did this path of transformation begin? In this documentary we review its history, of a territory that in the nineties opposed to the new technological package of GMOs, resisted under the principles of agroecology and was reborn as an example of another field, another possibility. It is not just about telling a success story. As holistic as agroecology, this story speaks of courage born of love to the land, persistence learned from observing nature, simplicity of those who live in solidarity with the environment, respect for collective work.


Because the threat of agribusiness is immense, but so are those who challenge it. With this material we will learn how RENAMA began to take shape, an agroecology network that today nourishes the entire country. Juan took note of his entire process: implemented techniques and their yields, readings on agroecology hidden by the industry, design of machinery that is as homemade as it is innovative. Systematization helped him share his experience.


First locally, then beyond. In 2017 La Aurora was selected by FAO as one of the 52 best world experiences in agroecology. Today farmers come from afar wanting to recharge their hopes: see what can be done and be encouraged to transform. ​


Juan Kiehr is an 80-year-old activist who built an alternative for a more resilient world. ​ We believe that he deserves a tribute and the world deserves this documentary film. Remembering, moving and bringing this story closer is enabling denied information.


Are you as eager as we are for this documentary to come to light?

We are looking for funds for post-production and launch.

Would yo like to contribute? The names of those who support the film will appear at the end of the documentary.


Do you have another idea of ​​how to contribute? write to us at or +541149484632

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